5 Ways Xero Accounting Software Makes Accounting FUN and Profitable!

If you believe that accounting process is boring, tedious and not your cup of tea then you can look for Xero software that makes accounting process easy, fun and profitable.

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Starting your own business is a great thing. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are always coming up with better ideas on how they can improve their business.

However, the most challenging part is something that they miss out on and that is doing the accounting work.

Even if you are good at bookkeeping, you still need to allocate time to it because accounting in business aids the proper management of revenues and expenditures.

This inevitably decides if your business is growing or a failure.

For this, you need to collect, summarise and analyse the financial information you have which, to be honest, is quite boring and tedious task.

Investing in accounting software seems like the best proposition for those who don’t want to hire a professional accountant.

Searching for accounting software online can be overwhelming with so many software already available on the Web.

Here’s how Xero software makes accounting process easy and fun for small business owners:

1) Online Invoicing

Now, you don’t have to spend time sending invoices to your clients and customers. With Xero, you can create beautiful invoices and send them online as soon as your job is done. Getting paid on time is really critical for being successful in business. With Xero, your clients and customers can pay you online through credit and debit cards, or with PayPal. You even get automated invoice payment reminders so that you don’t have to chase payments.

2) Go Mobile

Xero is available on Android and iOS and therefore you can install Xero on your desktop and mobile devices and get a seamless experience. Now you can match your bank transactions, record expenses and make invoices even when you are on the move. You can also empower your employees with Xero on their mobile devices without seeing the rest of the financials.

3) Glance Your Performance

Stay on top of your game with a clear and simple dashboard that shows you the real-time status of your business cash flow. See all your bank accounts and credit cards and transactions.

4) Control Your Cash Flow

Spend less time administrating your business as you can bundle multiple bills into one payment transaction. Receive and store bill electronically and see all bills that are due for payment. This also helps you to know where your business is spending money.

5) Contact History

Your business contacts and relationships can affect your business. View your customer’s transaction history and make informed decisions to drive your business forward. Read conversations of your customers to understand them better. Extract the list of contacts based on their buying patterns, location and invoice amount to create targeted campaigns. Eliminate data entry and typos while adding new contacts to the software.


Unlike other programs, Xero software takes the guesswork out of the equation. It comes with a beautiful user-friendly interface which makes the entire accounting process easy and fun. The software uses a fast and modern technology to speed up the accounting process. This allows small business owners to focus on creating a PROFITABLE business, rather than being tied up in bookkeeping and accounting process.

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