5 Must-Have Tools for Building Your Virtual Creative Business

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As an entrepreneur, the last thing you want weighing you down is your business. The goal of a creative business is the freedom that accompanies it: the freedom to work when and where you want, the freedom to travel, and more. As it is becoming the trend for companies to offer virtual services, the ability to work virtually is growing. Entrepreneurs can now work from wherever they want by creating virtual teams to handle important tasks for them. There are five must-have tools that entrepreneurs need to build their virtual creative business today, all of which will ensure a more productive and efficient business.

1. Virtual Bookkeeping

The last thing you want as a creative entrepreneur is being held down by paperwork, and more specifically, bookkeeping paperwork. But there are those with a passion for it, and they are much better suited to ensure your accounts run smoothly. With a virtual bookkeeping service like Noel Bookkeeping, you can get all of your accounting services handled under one roof. You can pay a flat monthly fee for VAT, PAYE, accounting services, and consulting services. All of their accountants are Xero certified and rely on the newest accounting software, which is provided to you for free when you order the VIP accounting package. You can contact them today for a free phone discovery consultation and get more information on how this service can meet all of your bookkeeping needs.

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2. Virtual Agreements

You need a law department to handle all of the agreements and contracts your company needs. There are virtual services such as OurDeal which will create, send, and electronically sign said agreements. They have templates available for certain situations, and can create a new agreement for you if the terms present in their templates are not sufficient. This tool makes it incredibly simple to send out a contract and get a response. It cuts down the amount of time you would otherwise spend sending paper contracts back and forth and allows your partners or suppliers to sign contracts electronically. This gives you the peace of mind that all of your bases are covered, but still lets you travel and work where you want. 

3. Virtual Faxing

You can eliminate the time you would have spent leaving your “office” and going to a café or library to download attachments, print them, then sign them and send them back. With tools like HelloFax, you get an office stand-in. You may not always have a fax machine or printer or scanner when working from multiple countries each year, but tools like HelloFax eliminate this need and make the process virtual and seamless.

4. Virtual Password Storage

When working from home or a café, or a beach in Thailand, it is important that you have a location where all of your important data can be safely stored. As virtual business grows, so too do your passwords and accounts. As such, tools like LastPass allow you to share your logins securely with any virtual team members, without the risk of revealing a password. It is a legal and HR department that virtually protects your information and saves you the additional strain of remembering multiple passwords for every login.

5. Virtual Project Management

When you work with a team, you need some form of virtual project and team management outside of an overflowing inbox. Asana is a tool that provides just that. It lets you create projects within a single workspace, assign said projects to different members of your team virtually, and track the tasks. You can upload documents and leave notes along the way, and the best part is: it is free. This management tool lets you organize and delegate tasks while also elaborating with comments or notes related to specific tasks. When your task is completed, the team members all get updates and daily notes about what is due, what is finished, and what is upcoming. And the bonus is that all of these tasks can be integrated into a virtual calendar.

So if you want to create or expound upon your virtual company, make sure these tools are at your disposal and visit Noel Bookkeeping to schedule your free discovery session http://www.noelbookkeeping.com/


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