4 Steps to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

As an accounting and tax service in Luton which also provides online bookkeeping services we love working with a wide range of clients, from sole traders to owners of limited companies in all industries.

We’re constantly learning and improving through our interactions with them.

We are especially grateful to be working with energetic entrepreneurs, talented musicians and brilliant artists who have shown us the importance of creativity for both business & personal growth.

Here are some of their top tips!

Running your business can be an all consuming affair.

You get up early, work all day…

…Stay back late and probably work on your business when you get home, right?

For a lot of business owners their mind is constantly filled with things they need to get done to keep the business ticking over, with little or no time innovate, improve and be creative.

  1. Build time into your day.

    Our most successful and creative clients build time into their day for themselves, they pursue a hobby, they exercise or walk the dog.

    It is during this time, when they are focussing on something else that they are able to come up with the best ideas.You may think you are already time-poor, and don’t have time for this. We heard from our clients they had to make some decisions to build time into their day.

    Have a think about getting up half an hour earlier, being more disciplined in relation to start and finish times at work or delegating some tasks.

    Besides the fact you will come up with the best ideas and improvements for your business, you may also find that you will feel better and be healthier as a result!

  2. Capture all of your ideas.

    Another key tip we learned was to be organised and structured about how to capture ideas.

    How often have you had an idea, did not capture it and it slipped your mind?

    Don’t let this happen again by deciding now where and how you will capture them.Most of us carry devices (mobiles or tablets) that have apps that will help you take notes, if that doesn’t work you can always carry pen and paper.

  3. Plan to read over your notes.

    Besides knowing how and where you are capturing your ideas, make it a habit to read over them once a week, don’t just leave them in a drawer  – you will be surprised with what you come up with!
  4. One of the most challenging tips we learned was to not be satisfied with the status-quo.
    If you’re going through the motions every day, there will be little innovation and growth for your business or personally. Be intentional about asking yourself these questions regularly:

–          What new challenges can I take on?

–          How can I improve my skills?

–          Is there something new I can try today?

We are implementing these tips on a daily basis and are reaping the rewards. We encourage you to have a go yourself, you will love it and your business will flourish!

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