4 Simple Steps to Apply for a Grant with Creative Funding for Artists

Are you an artist looking for a creative way to fund your next art project, event or career? You can take these 4 simple steps to apply for a Creative Funding grant by The Grove Center for the Arts & Media.

Joey O’Connor explains the four simple steps you need to take for completing the Creative Funding online application at http://www.thegrovecenter.org/creative-funding-for-artists

The Grove offers creative funding for artists of all kinds. Fund your next art project, event and professional development as an artist with The Grove. The Grove offers a place where artists and art patrons can connect to one another through our Grove Creative Funding program.

You can fund your next art project, event, and even your career with Creative Funding by The Grove. With Creative Funding, your donors receive a tax-deductible donation for supporting your work. You can also apply for other foundation grants that require 501c3 status to receive artistic grants.

With our Grove Indiegogo Partner Platform, you can also crowdfund your next creative project with all of the amazing tools and resources offered by Indiegogo.

For more information on Creative Funding for Artists and to apply today, visit The Grove Center for the Arts & Media website. http://thegrovecenter.org/creative-funding-for-artists

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The Grove Center for the Arts & Media cultivates the spiritual life and creative work of artists. We do this through artist Gatherings, Getaway artist retreats, online resources and our Creative Funding for Artists program.

The Grove Center for the Arts & Media is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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