4 Reasons NOT to Meet Your Accountant in Person

The biggest worry most people have in the world is about money.

And when it comes to handing over the responsibility of money in your personal life or in business a lot of people want to meet the person who will be looking after it.

So meeting an accountant or bookkeeper in person gives you a feeling of comfort when they are starting to work with you to streamline your finances. Similarly, you can get a sense of control having regular meetings to ensure that things progress nicely.

Ultimately though, all you are looking for is someone who takes personal care and provides you with outstanding service and delivers the outcomes you need, while saving your precious TIME.

Online Bookkeeping and Online Accounting Services gives you just that!

Here are 4 reasons NOT to meet with your accountant or bookkeeper in person:

1) Meeting in person costs more

A meeting in person involves a lot of overhead costs that you don’t have with online services. There are a range of extra charges involved with a face to face meeting including the time taken up when you could be doing your best work and making money.

If you are meeting an accountant or bookkeeper in person you will have to spend time travelling to and from the appointment. With an online bookkeeper you can save a lot of time and use it do more productive or fun things.

2) Meeting in person takes more of the accountants time

A lot of accountants that meet clients face to face spend most of their day in meetings, and less time working on the finances and books of their clients. With Online Bookkeeping services you will find that your accountant has more time to work on your account and provide superior value in the process. 

3) Innovation and Progress

Many accountants who are only providing face to face meetings to their clients have not taken advantage of the latest innovations, technology and progress. Unfortunately, this often also translates to the quality of the services they provide. Online Accountants provide cutting edge solutions, with the latest and state of the art options available to you to streamline and develop your business.

4) Online Accountants Provide a Better, More Personalised Service

This might sound counter-intuitive to you…. how can an online accountant provide a better and more personalised service compared to an accountant that works with face to face meetings?

It is our experience that our clients, who have previously worked with other accountants, are amazed with the amount of personal care, follow up and communication they receive from us. The number of regular touch points we have with our clients far outnumbers the quality and quantity of the communication and follow up their old accountants used to provide.

If you want someone you can trust to look after your personal and business finances, it is worth considering online bookkeepers. These services have the latest technology and systems to make your business run extremely well and they have a huge focus on client communication and customer care.

We would love to have a chat with you and show you how we can help you. Give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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