$1,300,000 LUXURY LIVING VLOG in an RV

We started today by putting our RV in the shop for a windshield repair and then took the time to tour some new RVs. As a full time family traveling the US, we look for every opportunity to vlog about our adventures along the way. Million dollar RVs may not be for our family, but they’ve gotta be for someone out there so we thought we would share our RV tour with you. Is it a perfect professional tour? No. But we hope you will still enjoy!

Opening Title Track Music is “How Majestic” by Trent & Siobhán

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Fly by Julian you liked this check out this vlog:

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Trent and Siobhán met in 1999 in Bible college at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX and did NOT fall in love. No, that came a few years later when they had both graduated college and went and lived in the real world for a couple years. When they met in real life they realized they were meant for each other and the rest is history.

Twelve years and five kids (all boys) later, they have sold everything they owned and taken their family on a full-time motorhome-living adventure. Their goal is to share the love of Christ wherever they go and to sing the songs that are the overflow of their crazy life to the world. This family vlog is an accounting of said adventure and we hope you enjoy watching the insanity unfold and that you enjoy our songs and our “deep thoughts” and our homeschool lessons and anything else that randomly shows up in this vlog. Want to see more of something? Have questions about us or what we are doing or anything like that, just leave a comment below and we will get back to you or address it in the vlog!



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