13 Riddles That Will Test How Bright You Are

Logical riddles are one of the most effective ways to develop your thinking skills and intelligence. Unusual tasks are like “brain gymnastics” which are useful for everybody. Regular training and problem-solving can help your brain function at a more stable level throughout your entire life. We offer you to take part in this intellectual mini-marathon to test your logic and attention.

Can you name yourself a master of observation, logical reasoning, and intuition? Here’re 13 short riddles to put your brain to the test so that you can try to prove that you could become Sherlock Holmes 2.0.

Bad Intentions 0:37
Who’s lying? 1:21
Guess the name of the murderer 2:09
Guess the victim and the murderer’s name 3:39
The name is written on the note 5:21
Think outside the box with this one 6:20
There is no such thing as a perfect crime 6:49
Tricky trip 7:48
Everything will eventually come to light 8:33
Not as obvious as it seems 9:22
You may kiss the… bride? 10:11
How sharp are you? 10:45
Only for keen observers 11:34

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-#1. The woman’s friend died of poisoning, but the host survived despite eating from the same apple. How is that possible?
– #2. A man named Tom went hiking with his friend Chris on a Sunday after notifying his brother Dan. The next Saturday the police finds Tom dead in the woods. Look at the picture and guess who’s lying.
– #3. Sherlock deduced the killer’s name in an instant. Can you?
– #4. Guess the victim and the murderer’s name.
– #5. Which of the 3 Crimson brothers should Sherlock Holmes question about the incident?
– #6. A man was found dead in a field of snow. The only evidence that was left was a set of footprints between 2 parallel lines. Who should the police be looking for?
– #7. When Sherlock Holmes got to the cottage he told the police the killer was the mailman. How did he know?
– #8. The man did not inform anyone about the trip. Then how did the police know it was a murder?
– #9. When the police arrived they instantly realized Evan was lying. Look at the picture and guess why.
– #10. You’re shown the picture of these 2 women. One of them had been living in poverty for the last 10 years and just killed a man to pay her big debt. Can you figure out which one of them did?
– #11. A man wakes up from a 2-day coma after a car accident with a case of amnesia. Suddenly, 2 women arrive at the hospital. One of them says she’s his wife and the other one says they have kids. Who’s lying?
– #12. Just by looking at the picture, and only using your sharp intuitive and intellectual skills, tell us: Which of these 2 families is poor?
– #13. Sherlock Holmes would have noticed in less than a minute who the thief is in this picture. Can you?

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