11 simple ways to avoid paying taxes legally

Ways to avoid paying taxes legally

Years ago, I started a book project called The Zero Percent Tax Bracket. The idea was to write a book with the ways in which someone can bring money and not declare it as taxable income. 11 simple ways to avoid paying taxes legally. When I began to gather information, it was clear that such a book would be difficult to market. Since I was not focusing on tax protestor other BS, I would not attract the wing crowd or be interested in being next to Charles Givens. It is likely that a book called Zero Percent Tax Bracket will appear on the back shelf of a bookstore with modest sales. The idea was safe but I did not like the marketing plan.

Today I am taking the idea. As a book, a serious stove would be needed to make profits for the publisher; as a series of blog posts, it is an excellent way to express all the ways to save your pocket without paying a penny in taxes. You will not get all these tax-free methods listed in the tax code. It is the unusual interpretation of the tax law that always attracts me as long as the time in prison does not apply. (Prison time may be fine if it is relatively short of three hots-and-a-cot, as well as free medical care at the expense of taxpayers.)

Pay for foster care:

When the Accountant and I got married for the first time, we sat down and made a list of what we would like to do at least once. There were adoptive children on that list. We wanted to have adopted children before we worried that it could affect our own children. We adopt foster children for three years. Many adoptive parents want babies and young children; not for us, we wanted the most difficult situations. We had two adopted children with a year or more with two other children for a shorter period. The reimbursement in 1990 was $ 1,000 per month, per child and was tax free. The salary is for the costs of paying an adopted child in your home.

There was a shortage of foster homes for high school children and, therefore, the payment was high compared to $ 300 per month for a baby. It wasn’t about money; I didn’t want to take care of a baby that was crying. Our adopted children were introduced to Tony Robbins’ Personal Power program and educated in personal finance issues. The goal was to give our adopted children the necessary tools to build a quality life. A few years ago, one of our adopted children stopped by the office to show me how he put the information we shared with him into operation. He is married, employed and lives the dream.

Bonuses and credit card rewards:

This is one of the best dating markets. Credit card companies are killing each other to open an account. It is worth more than $ 500 or more cash bonuses, more points on each purchase of up to 5%, redeemable for money or travel. Points are often more valuable when used for travel rewards. Personally, I like cash; There are other ways to get cheap or cheap trips. In general, high bonus cards require $ 3,000 – $ 4,000 to spend in the first three months to earn the bonus. Owners and small business owners should have no difficulty meeting the levels of additional expenses. A large purchase with 20% credit card bonuses or more can recover your purchase. And everything is tax free.

Check out my favourite picks-

The IRS considers it to be a refund of your own money, as if it were a discount or a discount. Additional manufacturing expenses and credit card rewards can be moderated. (Manufacturing costs will be a discussion about a future publication).


Disability insurance benefits:

for tax-free insurance benefits to be tax-free, you must pay premiums with dollars after taxes. If your employer provides the benefit at no cost to you, then the benefits are that it is advisable to pay your own disability insurance premiums. Workers’ compensation benefits are always tax free; the main advantages are the automatic policy that covers claims for injuries. (Criminal damages are taxable).

Sale of personal residence:

While he has bought a more expensive house, he has never paid income taxes. At the age of 55, he could get $ 125,000 tax free and take the rest of the proceeds to the next house. This and Form 2119 are now gone. (It is bad enough that I know about the tax code how unthinkable by the tax laws of more than a decade ago. Relief for the elderly comes with sacred relief for old accountants.) It is now easier to obtain free profits from the construction of taxes from your home. A primary residence excludes $ 250,000 ($ 500,000 for most married couples) if they lived 2 of the last 5 years.

Planning point: there is nothing wrong with buying superior creams, moving and working on the property for two years and selling it for tax-free profits. I have some clients (with little emphasis) who did exactly that. They buy a house and work in it as a job. Two or three years later they pay a good check and repeat it.


Loans are not taxable events! Clients do not always know that loan receipts are not added to income, but sometimes they forget that payments are deductible (except in certain cases). Since loan receipts are never included in income, the tax code provides ways to put money in your pocket without paying income tax. Loans from 401 (k) plans, for example, are tax exempt. You must return the loan and, if the employment ceases, the loan expires in full at that time or is taxable. Insurance companies know well the value of tax-free loans.

I am not a big fan of insurance products, but there are some selected cases where they make sense, even with the high rates. If you have an unqualified annuity or a universal life policy, you may have planning opportunities to obtain tax-free money and you will never have to pay it back. Talk to a qualified accountant.

Exclusion of foreign income:

Citizens of South Ireland working abroad may exclude up to $ 100,800 of income earned abroad, including certain incidental housing costs.  You can still pay taxes in the foreign country. I recommend a qualified tax professional who will help you file your tax return if you have foreign income. The biggest problem is finding a qualified tax professional. I receive almost 1,000 applications per year for ex-passenger tax services. Unfortunately, I no longer accept clients as new clients.

My office is busy and we don’t have the room. If you are a tax professional who wants to grow your business quickly and work with Americans who live and / or work abroad and are comfortable with foreigners, contact me. We need to build a business relationship since I send many new customers.

Life insurance benefits:

The death benefit of a life insurance policy is exempt from income tax. We can consider the problems of wealth taxes.


Any person’s gifts for any amount are tax exempt. The person making the gift may have to file a gift tax return and pay the gift tax, but a gift recipient has no reporting requirements and does not report it as income.

IRA wheel:

IRA wheel earnings are always tax free if you follow some simple rules! There seems to be considerable confusion on these issues if people withdraw money before the age of 59 and a half. Let me clean it. You can get money from your IRA wheel at any age without income taxes! If you withdraw money before the age of 59 and a half, you could pay a 10% fine and taxes if you don’t follow some simple rules.

Before age 59 and a half and is not for an excluded item. Think about this for a second. You must fill out your IRA Wheel until the end of each year, regardless of your financial or fiscal situation (there are several reasons why I cannot complete an IRA Wheel, but I am digressing).

Health savings accounts:

I call these things from Super Wheel. You get a deduction and tax-free earnings. Where can you find a better market than that? Not all HSAs exist for everyone. People with significant medical problems or high prescription costs will not benefit from HSA in many cases. As always, talk to a friendly person and you may have a competent tax professional.
11 simple ways to avoid paying taxes legally. These tax-free income ideas deserve more here. Instead of providing information on dumping, I wanted to share these strategies so you can work harder for yourself or at least ask your accountant big questions.

There are several other ways to charge First National Wallet Bank with tax-free income. Some of the most common mentioned above. Sometimes I get too long, so I wouldn’t lose you before going to your pocket to load before you leave the room.

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