10 Ways to Save Tax for Creative Business Owners

Here are 10 ways you can save on tax and keep more money in your own pocket.

As online accountants and bookkeepers one of the main questions our clients ask is:

“How can I save money in my business?”


One of the ways we achieve this is by ensuring our clients pay less tax, in this article we share 10 ways you can pay less tax too!


1. Tax Return Deadline; avoid fines by getting your tax return submitted on time.

2. Annual Investment Allowance; claim for capital investments in tools and computers.

3. Tax Details; ensure your tax details are in order to avoid paying too much tax.

4. Tax-deductible Expenses; claim expenses including personal cash payments.

5. Self Employed Car Costs; claim the running costs of your car for your business.

6. Annual Losses; carry forward losses & offset these against profits in following years.

7. Capital Gains Tax Allowance; take advantage of tax-free capital gains.

8. Cash-flow Boost; change the accounting year to improve cash flow (warning: defo get professional advice first).

9. Payments on Account; Reduce your on-account payments if earnings drop.

10. Top Up Your Pension; Pay more into your pension and pay less tax.


You may be able to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds using one or a combination of these methods.

Some of these options are fairly easy to understand and implement, but others take more in-depth knowledge, analysis, bookkeeping and accounting.

We would love to show you what options you have in your business, so get in touch for an obligation free assessment and let our online bookkeeping specialists show you opportunities to save money!

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