10 Japanese Puzzles Only the Greatest Minds Can Crack

Japanese culture is fascinating, and its brain-busting riddles are no exception! They test not only your “outside-the-box” thinking but also your logical skills, which really come in handy in any life situation. Solving puzzles helps improve our cognitive processes, strengthens the connections between brain cells, and improves memory. And they’re also a lot of fun! We at Bright Side like to solve some interesting and difficult puzzles. This time we decided to check how well do you know Japanese culture.

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– You probably already know that the Japanese coin is called yen. But how is it able to float on the water’s surface?
– Now let’s take a little trip to Japan’s second largest island: Hokkaido. There, on pretty much every road, you can find these mysterious pointers. What are they for?
– Japan is known for its incredible sushi. However, in Japan, sushi is usually served with a bamboo leaf. Why is that?
– In 2016, one seemingly simple math riddle went viral in Japan when a Japanese research group found that only 60% of people in their 20s can solve it. Here’s the equation, and you have 10 seconds to solve it.
– Take a look at these cute illustrations. What are they used for?
– On each Monday in October, Disneyland is full of people, as if it’s Sunday. The thing is, it’s a work day, and there are no school holidays in Japan in October either. So why are Mondays just as busy as Sundays?
– Now take a closer look at this unusual pattern. Its main element symbolizes an important part of Japanese culture. Can you guess what it could be?
– Okay, now let’s dig a little deeper into Japanese schools. So look at this image right here and try to guess which school subject Japanese teachers use it for.
– There are 8 people standing next to a river: a father, a mother, 2 sons, 2 daughters, a police officer, and a thief. Your task is to help all of them cross the river.

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