🔵 Property Investment for Beginners

Thinking of investing in property but you’re not quite sure where to start?

Today we are publishing property training content that was previously only available to subscribers, where we look at why property investment is the perfect pension plan, the best possible source of passive income and the perfect job replacement strategy.

But, more importantly, we look, in detail, at how you can get started on your journey to autonomy and success in property.

*Please note, this training video was first created in 2016 and some offers mentioned, are no longer available. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want any more information.

Discover How To Quit The 9-5 This Year & Create A Passive Income From Property In Just 12 Months



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Discover How To Quit The 9-5 This Year & Create A Passive Income From Property In Just 12 Months

Your Key Benefits – During this free training you will…

✔ Get two key property strategies you can use to retire faster & wealthier with property – inc… when to use them, where the money is and actionable real life examples.

✔ Find out why investing in property is the perfect pension plan, the best possible source of passive income and the perfect job replacement strategy..!

✔ Discover how to find perfect cash-flowing property deals on your doorstep.

✔ Revealed: The next best steps to take to achieve your retirement income within 12 months or less.



[00.14] Two property strategies coming up
[00.42] Four tips coming up to find local property deals on your doorstep
[03.22] Three Exclusive bonuses available to download for attending the training
[04.28] Training disclaimer
[05.30] Clear any distractions
[06.16] Is this really for you?
[07.05] My background and where the training knowledge comes from
[14.13] Two property strategies and the assets that will help
[16.12] Vanilla Buy to Let’s Introduction
[20.53] Buy Refurbish Refinance Introduction
[26.40] Real Life Case Study 1 – Job Replacement strategy
[30.20] Real Life Case Study 2 – Pension Plan strategy
[33.34] Real Life Case Study 3 – Job Replacement Strategy
[36.24] The future of property in 2016 & beyond
[43.31] Why Property is a great lifestyle business
[50.16] How to find perfect property deals
[52.32] Technique one – Properties been on the market the longest
[58.58] Technique two – Properties that have been overlooked by other investors
[61.06] Technique three – Properties that have the best price reductions
[63.16] Technique four – Local gems and price discrepancies
[66.01] Make your searching more efficient
[69.00] How you can take action and achieve your goals in the next 12 months
[71.11] VIP Property training & mentorship walkthrough
[82.36] VIP Property training benefits and what’s included
[83.26] Mentorship special offer for you to get One-on-One Property Mentorship with Robert Jones
[86.00] Testimonials & Guarantees



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This Channel is where I will show you my best property investing tips, articles, real life case studies and advice on how you can create and grow your own successful UK property portfolio.

We cover everything from how to source property deals through to which strategy is right to get you started in property and which is maybe better for more established property investors, developers or landlords.

Using my 11 years experience as a UK based property investor I show you real life deals that were doing daily and how you can copy these to build and grow your own property business or portfolio.

So whether you are looking for a property mentor who you can work one-on-one with or you want to run with simply some initial property education and support we can help.

Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest property tips and case studies direct to your inbox so you don’t miss out.

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