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Self Assessment Tax Return – Get It Done For You

Do you need to file your self assessment tax return? Are you looking for the best tax preparation services for your personal tax return and the most affordable? If yes, you’re in the right place.

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What we do in 4 easy steps:

1. Contact us today for a free consultation, or quote, by email or phone in 5 minutes
2. We can provide a free introduction to the best tax expert for your needs at no risk
3. Online submission of your tax refund or self assessment tax return done for you in 5 days
4. No need to panic about the upcoming tax deadlines. Don’t wait 6 – 12 months unnecessarily

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Do you have questions like, how to pay self assessment tax? Starting from just £99, the Tax Twerk tax return service handles all the paperwork for you.


Why Choose Us

Tax Twerk is an online tax return service that helps freelancers, self-employed, sole traders and digital entrepreneurs to SAVE 50% more money on their personal tax return and increase cash flow.

Ruth’s Background

Ruth Noel is the founder of and the author of the top Amazon book, ‘How To Make Your Tax Sexy’. Ruth was honoured to be recognised as one of the youngest qualified Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) members. She was also mentioned by James Caan in the Guardian for creative depth.

She plays a big role in consulting and advising small business owners, self-employed and startups. She has over 100 published blog aritcles to help with personal finance, tax and accounting. Ruth is also a YouTube Content Creator with over 100 videos, over 21,000 LinkedIn connections and over 60 testimonials from clients.

In her spare time she is a spokesmodel for small business owners, entrepreneurship, women in business and technology.

Her mum’s family is from the beautiful island Grenada in the Caribbean. Her dad’s family is from Jamaica. They were both born in the UK, and in 1988 I was born in Hammersmith Hospital, West London.

The way that her story starts off is not very different from thousands of children up and down the UK (and around the world). Shortly after she was born her parents separated, and she grew up without her dad. She has two younger sisters on her mum’s side, and 4 siblings on her Dad’s side.

Ruth grew up with a single-parent mother on benefits, graduated in the height of a recession and started her own business, Tax Twerk, when pregnant. Ruth believes we must forget the excuses about ‘recessions’, ‘no money’, or ‘waiting for the right time’ to get the tax ducks in a row!

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