What is the cloud? Why should I care?

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What is the cloud? Cloud computer networking is a computing network that is made of a large number of computers, linked with each other via the Internet. Cloud is a form of computing that is spread over a network that has many computers connected at the same time.

The network-based services provided by virtual hardware just like the real server hardware and are simulated by software running on one or more real machines. A couple of well-known and safe cloud services are Salesforce, Zoho, Google, Amazon, Xero, Microsoft Azure, etc.

The term” cloud” is actually a symbol for the Internet. One will often come across the marketers referring to “in the cloud”, which actually means all the platforms, software and infrastructure that are sold through the Internet as a service to set up the cloud system. The seller of cloud services has actual energy-consuming servers that host those virtual products and services through the Inter from a remote location. The end-users simply need to log on to the network without the need to install anything. 

There are many good reasons as to why the cloud services are getting increasingly popular and rising in demand. Due to the redundant storage at multiple physical locations, one’s data remains safe and protected. Even better still, you can access your files using apps on  your smartphone or iPhone when you’re on the go.

It’s not only eCommerce, tech and digital businesses that are currently reaping the benefits of using the cloud. Small businesses in other industries like property, education, consulting, engineering, design and more can also start gaining the benefits of the cloud now.

·       *Flexible and Competitive Pricing
You can buy a cloud storage solution that meets their needs and you can pay exactly for what you are using. One can buy the exact storage they are looking for according to the nature of their data.

·        *Sophisticated Power
You enjoy object storage with an advanced feature and enjoy the ability to create sophisticated applications. One can use the cloud for a number of popular programming, databases and record-keeping.

·        *Easy and Instant Access
You can directly access data anytime, anywhere from Cloud Storage. You enjoy speed, flexibility, and complete security when accessing your data.

A big advantage of Cloud resources is that it gets shared by multiple users and thus maximizes the effectiveness of the resources. The storage pace can be allocated to the users dynamically and as per demand. With no wastage of resources and maximizing the computing power, it leads to minimum environmental damage as well because of the lower energy consumption. The companies can avoid upfront infrastructure with the help of cloud computing and get their applications up and moving faster. There is less maintenance and an improved manageability with cloud. The IT industry can move ahead rapidly to meet the unpredictable and fluctuating business demand.

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