Terms and Conditions

Is there really more to life than the joy of twerking….? Yes, take a moment to read the fine print. Then continue to be awesome,  you’re one of my peeps now.


Our Pledge

You Can Chillax – You never have to feel guilty for being on the go. You can travel, spend time with loved ones, focus on the fun stuff & grow your business
Here to Help – We’re not here to intimidate you, we support you every step of the way and empower you to make the best decisions
Perfect Fit – If you’re interested in working online, building a legacy and getting more sales then we’re the right company for you
Ethical Hustlers  – We aim to save to you as much money and time possible within the legal framework, and while helping others around the world
Let’s Get Twerking! – Don’t wait! Take action to immediately improve your situation


In 2018, your fee helps us to support the charity Unseen, working for human rights freedom and to end human trafficking


What Will Be Asked Of You?

1. Keep and submit all records and information necessary.
2. Be available for queries and respond in a timely manner.
3. Consideration will be given to you for your referrals and recommendations.
4. We have to do this our way. We know you’ve heard other ideas from your dad, brother, sister, mum, previous accountant, or business coach. No disrespect at all, but if they moved as rapidly & diligently as our system (or if you wanted to spend time on doing it yourself) – you wouldn’t be here on this journey with us.



● We are respectful always
● We are positive always
● We are fun-loving
●We know sexy is good
● We serve the clients
● We are warriors
● We are consistent
● We are committed
● We believe in authenticity
● We believe in long-term wealth
● We are transparent and ethical
● We keep things simple and fast
● We know music is good and so is creativity
● We take action now, and when no one asks
● We believe in systems and processes


What Will We Do For You? (General Terms)

1. Tax Twerk is a digital platform that promotes and advertises the best special offers on Tax Services and Business Offers
2. The specific service will be done for you as outlined in the proposal sent to you by email.  Thank you for choosing Tax Twerk. We’re excited that you’ve chosen to use us to sort out your tax situation. Please note that your service is a direct contract between you and the introduced expert, or accountant, for the provision of your tax package or service
3. Submission of all tax services, abbreviated accounts & corporation tax returns are filed by an tax partner assigned to you and trained to give you the fastest results using our system
3. Correspondence and business is treated as confidential. Your records will be kept secure and safe and your details will not be passed on to any third parties outside of our organisation


Payment Terms

● Use of the online payment links in our email, or via invoice, indicates your acceptance of these terms. If you do not accept these terms please do not use the online payments facility
● To enter into an agreement the first month, deposit, or full service in advance is paid online
● To schedule serving you, and to ensure fairness to all VIP Members, we ask for this invoice to be paid promptly before we can book in the work onto our schedule
● The membership, or payment plan, may be reviewed after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months according to your business growth
● To ensure efficiency, payments for all services are paid via direct debit, GoCardless or PayPal
● This is not a long-term tie-in contract; we work on an agreement based on your selection and requirements
● When you buy our services and commit to working with us, we are committing to serving you and your business. This affects how many other clients we can take on. For that reason we cannot offer refunds on the monthly payment plans or other professionals services

No Risk 2 Year Guarantee

You are covered by our 2 year guarantee. Our partners commit to adjusting the work that they have carried out, or making amendments when required if errors were found due to their fault, we will provide copies and all records that we have if requested, we will answer questions and feedback specifically on the work we have carried out, and you as a clientt will pay the same matched price instead of price increases – within a 2 year period from when you worked with our partners. Our guarantee is a partnership commitment to fix any errors and price match Tax Twerk’s previous advertised rates. Tax Twerk and our partners do not issue any refund payments or financial disbursement.



Any references to tax treatment are based on Tax Twerk’s understanding of legislation, IRS and HM Revenue & Customs practice at the time of publication. Each of these are likely to change in the future, and a liability to tax may arise under an existing arrangement. Every care has been taken as to accuracy, but it must be appreciated that neither Tax Twerk nor its representatives can accept responsibility for loss, however caused, suffered by any person who has acted or refrained from acting as a result of material published or ideas suggested.


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