James Caan & Bookkeeping Made Super Easy

I am very proud to have been mentioned in an article by James Caan as a successful entrepreneur and recipient of a Start-Up Loan.

Unlike what most people think, bookkeeping and accounting are actually pretty easy. The bottom line is that you need to stay on top of 3 main things in your business:

-What is coming in

-What is going out


Depending on the scope of your business, your commitment and your time you can do this yourself.

However, besides the fact that a lot of people don’t enjoy bookkeeping (unlike me!), most business owners simply don’t have the ability to stay on top of these things themselves.

As mentioned in this article in the Guardian from prominent entrepreneur and writer James Caan – when you setup your business, you don’t have to hire a financial wizard to get started.

However, you do need to get your head around the basics of accounting and always ask yourself “Is this money coming into my pocket as revenue, or am I paying this as costs?

If you cannot answer that question all the time, you run the risk of very quickly losing your business.

I am very proud to have been mentioned in an article by James Caan as a successful entrepreneur and recipient of a Start-Up Loan.

Since beginning my business in 2013 I have experienced many things most new business owners go through.

I have also had the pleasure of connecting with a wide range of like-minded business owners and have been able to assist them in building successful companies.

I love working together with people who are chasing their dreams and building partnerships that create long-term legacies.

As James Caan said, you can do your bookkeeping yourself.

But if you are not confident in your ability to stay on top of the incoming & outgoing money flow and associated administration, get help!

Through my company Tax Twerk, part of Noel Bookkeeping, I aim to keep bookkeeping easy, affordable and understandable for my clients. I use my creative flair to set up the most effective solutions for businesses, which are easy to maintain, save time and are cost efficient.

The people I get to work with are amazing, inspiring and driven people. They are specialists in their fields and deliver often mind-blowing products and services to their clients. Many of them just don’t have the time or energy to also look after their books.

While you are reading this, you might feel like you are in the same boat. You want to free up more time to focus on what you do best – your speciality and passion. I encourage you to get in touch, I would love to sit down with you and see how I can help you.

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