How to find out if you’re caught by IR35 and what you need to do about it

IR35 applies only if an individual is working for a client and the circumstances do not fall under the obligation of the sole trader, limited company or partnership.

Moreover, if you fail the ‘IR35 test’, you may c be caught by new rules if working via an intermediary.

Thus be careful of the terms and conditions or working practices and keep in mind the IR35 legislation. Or you could end up with penalties and fines to pay to HMRC.

What adds to the complications are the myths and distorted facts that circulate the legislation.

It is time to get control of the situation and separate fact from fiction.

Look for reliable services that can do a Fast & Basic IR35 Review and offer you with an accurate picture by checking your contract for you.

The objective of the IR35 legislation is for ensuring income tax and national insurance (NIC) to HM Revenue & Customs in the service industry.

The concept of “deemed salary” will be subjected to tax and NIC if paid as a salary. The Government is aware that there are several small limited companies that camouflage employment and the work on a day-to-day basis.

Generally speaking, the longer one works somewhere, the more likely they are deemed as an employee of the firm.

Get rid of those doubts and confusions by letting an expert handle your case and situation.

Look for service providers that can provide IR35 review online and let you know if you are violating IR35 legislation and what to do about it.

These experts offer Full IR35 Review service that will review the contract as well as working practice analysis for contractors, freelancers, and interims.

Thus, if you have any doubt, you should start by getting in touch with experts experienced in IR35 who can offer you the complete possible picture of your tax status.

Get comprehensive reports on commercial exposure and rely on a professional and unbiased opinion.

It is very essential for you to get a detailed analysis from an IR35 perspective of your contract.

The experts will take into account all contract documentation and the actual working practice arrangements align with any potential risks.

Look for a precise picture on the commercial elements of the contract including intellectual property rights, indemnity provisions, termination, restriction clauses and payment terms.

The contract needs to be viewed from both commercial and an IR35 perspective.

Get your work contracts reviewed online and explained in time so as to avoid getting caught by IR35 and safeguard yourself from an investigation.

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