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You must have filed numerous times your self assessment tax return and because of so much of hassles many times you hate doing this. Since there are so many actions are involved in the process of self assessment tax return filing. It is really very important that you must have been with the proper information about what to how to do.

What is Self Assessment tax return?

Self assessment is the method formed by the HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) which evaluate and pays tax on your income. By any reasons, if you have not paid tax from your earning through PAYE then you have to complete it once. You will get Self assessment tax return forms every year in the month of April, and you need to cover the earlier 12 months.

Does it apply to everybody?

Suppose you have a single job and apart from that you don’t have any other source of earnings. In this case you will not have to fill in this self assessment tax return forms. Usually HMRC will send you a tax return form automatically if you’re required to complete one. There are several aspects self assessment could implement to you and some are:

*You’re self employed

*You’re a limited company director

*You have rental property income

*You’re a reverend of religion

*You have taxed international income, even if you are declaring that you are not normally citizen in the UK

*You’re a reverend of religion

*You’re liable for the High Income Child Benefit Charge

*You get other untaxed income, or important investment benefits, and the tax due on it cannot be gathered through a PAYE tax code

*You’re a participant of Lloyd’s of London, uk insurance policy and reinsurance market

*You get yearly income, or any income from the residence of a dead individual, and further tax is due on that income.

What are the documents that need to prepare before preparing to file self assessment tax return?

You may need form P60 from your employer.

You need to prepare the detail of all pay and taxable expenses and all the benefits that you are getting from your employer.

You need to prepare your bank and house allowance statements.

Before filing self assessment tax return you need to check and up to date your cheques and paying in book stubs.

You need to update all the dividend vouchers of yours.

You need to up to date and prepare details about your self employment income and expenses.

You have to document your all capital gains that have released.

So if you need any professional help with completing self assessment tax return call us today on: 0330 321 1136 or freephone: 08008 321 347

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