Get More Clients, More Leads and More Appointments

It’s Time to 10x Your Business. Take it to the Next Level Now…

Imagine if you woke up each morning with a diary booked with prospects, leads and potential clients every single day.

How would it feel if finding more clients and increasing your revenue were as predictable as a sunrise?

For the last year our proprietary prospecting system has been delivering phenomenal results for Ruth, director of Tax Twerk.

We have proven results with over 1000 prospects reached every single week.

This has lead to a diary fully booked with enjoyable appointments for weeks to come, and lead to increased sales.

Ruth was not planning on getting into lead generation or marketing.

But it’s a match made in heaven! Ruth has over 5 years experience in business, expertise in digital marketing, a passion for getting leads and sales for small businesses. Plus her mum’s favourite achievement – 100% on marketing modules at college!

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How It Works

1. Book your free strategy session to see how we can benefit your business
2. Make an application to get more leads
3. We review your application, if accepted we’ll tailor the system to meet your unique  requirements
4. We begin working for you to get more leads, prospects and appointments – you put your feet up
5. We update you on the progress and send you updates
6. Operating from Luton, UK, with a call team in the Philippines to showcase your value and generate interest in your services

Bonus Guarantee: Even if appointments seem like a challenge for your business we will get you double the exposure and begin building relationships for you & your business.

[full_width_color bg_color=”#EFEFEF” color=”#333333″]Apply Now Email: [email protected] or call our office on 0330 321 1136[/full_width_color]

The Full Breakdown of What You Get:

~We develop a laser-focused lead list for you
~We do the prospecting using the latest technology
~Get appointments with qualified decision makers
~Get people registered for your offer, event or promotion ~This is one of the most affordable methods you will ever find to reach MASSIVE amounts of people


~We make sure you can focus on doing your best work
~Take away the fear of getting your business out there
~No more cold-calling or prospecting for sales leads
~No sitting around waiting for an SEO-enhanced website inbound call
~We round up your targeted wish list of clients for you
~We engage them before they think to Google your competitors  ~Unlike traditional telemarketers we showcase your value in a personal style  ~We can get your old prospects and contacts to speak with you again in an appointment  ~From 60% of your time prospecting to 100% of your time closing


~No guesswork is involved about our productivity with clear reporting
~We provide you with updates on the progress and results
~Not sure what to say to book appointment? No worries, we have highly effective templates for you

Our Pledge:

We put our heart into this service. We are unusually disruptive, passionate and very, very focused on the importance of sales. We follow a logical process and detailed clear steps to get you more clients, more leads and more appointments.