Does the accounts for YOUR creative business have one of these 3 mistakes?

If you’re a creative business owner you probably love the creative parts of your business like taking care of your clients, networking, bringing creative ideas to life and making sales.

This means that you have a limited amount of time to spend on the taxes and accounts.

It’s not your fault. Life keeps the best of us super busy nowadays. Sure you can teach yourself how to do the number-crunching, but it is time-consuming.

It’s perfectly acceptable to prioritise your main tasks and pass on everything else if you want to grow your business.

This is why more & more business owners are now relying on an online tax return service to handle their accounts and taxes.

Read on to learn about the common mistake made by most business owners when handling their taxes and accounts so that you never make the same mistakes in your business.


Using online accounting software

You will come across online accounting software to make things simpler and easier for businesses.  

If you are using online accounting software it’s beneficial to look for real human help and hire online bookkeeping services to make sure there aren’t any areas you may have overlooked.

Even minor accounting mistakes can gradually lead to major flawed decisions in business, and these could have a significant effect on the financial health of your business.


Missing Transaction Dates

Poor and irregular accounting practices can distort the reality of the fiscal health of your company and can lead to incomplete information and more mistakes.

Those bad accounting practices can prove to be very risky for your business. Avoid those aspects that can cost your business money. If you are not very sure of errors that can arise, your business will be in a sorry state, sooner or later.


Your Unpaid Hours

Do you or a loved one handle all of the bookkeeping and accounting in-house?

Well, think of all those precious hours you spend pouring over those books and trying to understand the taxes.

It can sound tempting to lower costs by handling accounting on your own.

Although this might sound like a great way to save money, the truth is your working unpaid on the bookkeeping. Having a competent online bookkeeping services could lower your tax bill three times more.

Why? Because the money your spending on getting help is actually tax deductible! So you can pay someone to do it for you and save money.  Meanwhile you make money using more time to grow your business and focus on the fun bits. Win win!

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