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Are you looking to promote your business or website? Or are you a passionate writer dreaming of connecting with a bigger crowd?

Apply now to be a Tax Twerk Complimentary Contributor and have your written articles distributed on the blog.

Tax Twerk Contributors share industry knowledge, secret tips and information with the end purpose of helping the reader with making money or saving time.

Our platform is great for sharing your internet business expertise, as well as, entrepreneurship and finance insights.

What does it take to be a Tax Twerk Contributor?

Tax Twerk is about simple, fun, straightforward and informative tips.

We like how-tos, personal experiences and listicles.

Tax Twerk is a digital platform to read about personal finance and wealth for freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs.

We also put the spotlight on other areas that are interesting to our community and match our values.

Our writers follow our values:

●We know sexy is good
●We believe in long-term wealth
● We are transparent
● We keep things simple and fast
● We know music is good and so is creativity
● We believe in systems and processes

They follow blog best practices and stick to the Tax Twerk Contributor Rules.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you.

Instructions to Apply

Send an email to, and confirm that after reading this you are happy to go ahead.

The name you submit must match the name of the author/contributor showing on our site.

We Like Great Content

Content must mirror the tone and voice of the Tax Twerk Blog, which is simple, positive and down-to-earth.


  1. Content must be unique, 100% original, and pass Copyscape.
  2. All Tax Twerk Contributor content must contain at least one link to a past Tax Twerk blog post and only 1 link to your external website.
  3. Complimentary content may not contain photos, videos, or any other media (unless uploaded via URL address).
  4. Content must be free from promotion and marketing pitches.
  5. Minimum 500 words.

Upgrade: If you would like high volume articles, social media promo, or more links and media you can upgrade by selecting our advertising packages here.

A Few Rules

Tax Twerk claims all authority to alter any article that has been accepted for distribution. When an article has been selected, it gets copyrighted by Tax Twerk, in this way it can not be repurposed on your own site or blog.

In any case, we urge you to share the Tax Twerk article any place you need and as much as you need.

Tax Twerk claims all authority to eliminate content from the Tax Twerk Blog if it no longer aligns with our mission or web hosting. Our website theme and design may change yearly and we retain control of the layout.

When a Tax Twerk Contributor has been accepted, they can submit any number of draft articles and add a profile bio on our website. However, just one blog entry per quarter will be selected to get published.

Please review all of the information on this page before applying to login as a contributor.

Thank you and lots of love!

-Ruth Noel