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A Note from Ruth Noel

Do you always run out of time when it comes to managing your finances?

If yes, Tax Twerk can help take away the hassle. We dedicate the time to understand your digital business.

We’re helping digital marketers, website owners and e-commerce businesses in the UK to save time & money with our online accounting service. Our online bookkeeping service is completely hands-off for you. This means no more penalties. No more hassle from receipts or spreadsheets!

Unlike other accountants, we specialise in providing a value-for-money service for  busy digital marketers, network marketers, online marketers, internet marketers, website owners with information products and e-commerce businesses.

Protect your passion & work towards your dream of retiring early…


✓ We serve small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who want to grow 6 figure businesses, and improve their cash flow, without having to spend precious time on the accounting.

✓ We noticed that many digital marketers were struggling with accounting and wasting money on huge accountant fees, late penalties and waste dozens of hours every week worrying about the numbers.

✓ Plus do we save you income tax? Yes! Our tax benchmark is to save the turnover for small business owners. Our system focuses on helping start-ups and established companies avoid giving HMRC money on penalties and overpaying income tax.


✓ We set up an automated online accounting system and everything is done for you during the year. This includes VAT, VAT MOSS and your income tax return.

✓ You can easily work with us anywhere in the world. If you know you need a highly efficient and logical system to automate your business, then this is for you and it will give you more time freedom. You won’t have to be tied to one computer or a desk every day.

✓ When you work with Tax Twerk you become a VIP client. You get a dedicated project manager who works on your accounts every month. Not to mention you get the expertise of our whole team to easily handle all your most pressing tax headaches!

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[full_width_color bg_color=”#eb7300″ color=”#333333″][fancy_header type=”2″ subtitle=””]Did You Know?[/fancy_header][fancy_header type=”2″ subtitle=””]Digital marketers can reduce their tax bills by hundreds of thousands of pounds each year simply by switching from sole trader to a limited company.[/fancy_header][/full_width_color]

online accounting system for digital businesses

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How We Help digital business owners save money on income tax returns

[fancy_header type=”2″ subtitle=””]4 Reasons to Choose Us[/fancy_header]

[one_fourth] *Automated Accounting System Service for Digital Businesses*
Everything is done for you with our online accounting service and you can speak to your own Tax Twerkologist who will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way[/one_fourth]
[one_fourth]*100% Risk Free Guarantee*
This is not a long-term tie-in contract;
you can end the service with 30 days notice after the first 6 months. We have clients that have worked with us for years and we’re confident that you will grow with us[/one_fourth][one_fourth]*Unique Offers*
Friendship Deal:
 Got a friend who needs help to grow their business? Introduce them to us and we’ll give you 20% of their joining fee to say thanks[/one_fourth]
[one_fourth_last]*New School Bookkeeping*
We use 2 little internet tricks to save you time and easily exchange documents online. New VIP Members receive an exclusive Welcome Pack with Tax Twerk Goodies![/one_fourth_last]

Call Ruth on 0330 321 1136 or Get a Free Quote Today.


[testimonial_slider_box title=”What our Clients say”]
[testimonial_slide author=”Kavit Haria, Digital Marketing Expert”]
The things I love about my business are freedom of time, flexibility and my passionate clients. In 5 years time I’d love to be doing the same work on a larger scale and I’m a very driven and spontaneous person.
However, the challenge for me in growing my business was getting – and staying – on top of the finances. I just don’t enjoy this part. I’ve hired other accountants before and some know what they’re doing, but just can’t advise me for my type of business so they’ve been not well suited. Before joining up with Ruth Noel I was struggling with seeing the charts of my business on a monthly basis & seeing the numbers easily without going through spreadsheets[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”RM Harrison, Branding + Communication Strategist”]
My experience with other accountants and bookkeepers was not as personable as I’d like; and everything was quite systematic/technical. I was attracted to Ruth Noel-Samaroo from the beginning because her brand was so approachable and friendly. My gut reaction to working with her was more of a question — “how can I afford this?” (versus “I can’t afford it”).
Using Xero with Noel Bookkeeping has made getting my finances together feel a lot easier to figure out. As a VIP Member it feels good to not have to do it on my own; and I love that all the accounting areas are done for me.
Ruth has such a welcoming, familiar personality. It’s like talking with an old friend (who cares and doesn’t judge you) about your money[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”David Adelman, Internet Marketing Consultant”]
Just like to say that the work done by Ruth has been invaluable in assisting our marketing consultancy. She’s been both supportive and enthusiastic about our ideas and is open and honest, especially when we needed to rethink or re-evaluate things. Ruth met some complex ideas head-on and then helped us formulate a strategic business plan. Her ongoing advice and guidance has been excellent and is always explained in terms that are totally understandable to me.
We have developed a very good working relationship with Ruth and she provides professional, yet friendly accounting advice and bookkeeping services[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Jyotsna Ramani, Best Content Marketing Consultants”]
I went for the VIP Member package which suited my budget. I must mention Ruth is really helpful and skilled at what she does. The best part about having Ruth on your side is that she is approachable, friendly and always ready to help you resolve your accounts and business finance issues.
The switch over process was pretty quick. They backdated all my business accounts and that was something that helped me to free my mind and concentrate on how to expand and take my business to the next level. It also helps me track my business finances without paying too much attention to it.
I would certainly recommend Ruth to all those who want a dedicated accounting consultant that can look after your business accounts and finances for you[/testimonial_slide]


In 2016, your VIP Membership fee helps support Unseen – Working against human trafficking.

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