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Meet the Executive Producer of Tax Twerk

Ruth Noel oversees the creation of digital content, publishing, and marketing for TaxTwerk.com, she is also the spokesmodel and founder. Ruth is the published author of the top Amazon books ’12 LinkedIn Messages That Actually Work ‘ and ‘How to Make Your Tax Sexy’. She is as a passionate entrepreneur with over 5 years experience in writing, income tax and digital business.

✔ Growing community of 175,000+
✔ Ranked in the top 3% on LinkedIn
✔ Advised over 100 individuals and startups
✔ Over 100 YouTube Videos and 200+ Written Articles
✔ Creator of 2 online training programs
✔ Spokesmodel for entrepreneurship and digital solutions

Ruth began her career in accounting & tax, without realising that business development and online marketing were her passion. However, it turned out to be a match made in heaven.

Ruth lives in the UK with her daughter, Calia Ruth, and loves to travel frequently to Europe, the USA and the Caribbean.

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Ruth’s Publications

linkedin marketing

12 LinkedIn Messages That Actually Work

Have you been wondering about what to say to get real & targeted leads? Do you get stuck when writing your messages to find prospects and make more connections? Get your creative juices flowing for more engagement and leads to grow your own business! As well as the best 12 templates, you will see an example of where you can use the message and a note on the psychology behind why it’s effective.

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How to Make Your Tax Sexy

My book is available on Amazon, and other good book retailers. Make sure you have your finance steps covered, so that you can achieve the juicy salary and higher turnover. Reading this book will give you the confidence to make the best decisions in business, and you will come to understand how your tax bill, and long-term business success, is based on the right knowledge, systems and steps.

Now Released On Amazon

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Ruth’s Training Courses

1) Affiliates Lead Generation Bootcamp
The problem online business owners have is no sales because of no leads and no traffic. So I teach you how to generate a massive amount of web traffic free or low-cost. Easy to duplicate. Lead generation methods that help you to make money with the internet.

2) 100 Top Quality Leads Everyday
You will learn how to quickly get leads and clients using a top authority social media website. And all it takes is 30 minutes of work on your part. Not bad for receiving an abundance of rich and laser-targeted leads, right?


The Mission

I have an exceptional team behind me at Tax Twerk. My vision is to be part of a movement that helps more people gain more time freedom.
My main purpose is to introduce people to different money making ideas so that you can see what is best for you. Above that, giving people permission to dream is my satisfaction.

A number of my skills started with income tax returns and claiming back tax refunds for individuals.

This paired with my creative interests and love for online marketing made a strong foundation for consulting for small business owners.

I work for you because I’m PASSIONATE & I’m 100% certain I can help you if you really want to take your business to the next level and gain more freedom. Over 100 success stories can’t be wrong.

People say I’m fun-loving with a swag that can’t be matched in this area. I’m speedy, ruthlessly honest and will push you with love to TAKE ACTION!

My goal is to uncover potential problems and get you the best solution immediately and prevent you from losing money.

Our clients are very skilled and intelligent. Just like cleaning or hairdressing, you can do it yourself. The thing is our clients don’t have time to learn it all. Truthfully, I understand that it is not the most fun thing to do in business and it can cause stress and headaches.

So that’s where we come in. I wanted to make a digital platform that feels super fast, fun and actually helps people make more money. So I found experts who also love technology as much I do. They helped to create a specialised service that combines the best of the personal touch, and the best in efficiency for you.

My Background

I’m a visionary and a dreamer, yet determined and consistent. I’m committed to long-term financial freedom and I speak up for people having the freedom to be themselves.

On a personal note, I grew up with a single-parent mother, graduated in the height of a recession and started my own business when I was pregnant.

Forget the excuses about ‘recessions’, ‘no money’, or ‘waiting for the right time’!

I’m not perfect, but I have advanced through every hurdle and milestone to accomplish great things.

I’m consistent from start to finish with an air of calmness and I’m committed to increasing my faith & wisdom.

Even though at times I’m highly excitable and full of adrenaline! If financial freedom and building a legacy are important to you too, let’s talk.

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Why Should You Care?

One of my favourite sayings is from Jay-Z’s accountant, “Tax is just a sign of your good fortune and success”.

Sure you could do it all yourself. But the real question is would you be doing what you love? And do you have time to CONSISTENTLY keep everything on track?


ruth noel, levi roots, kanya king, mark andrew foster
Ruth Noel, Levi Roots, Kanya King & Mark Andrew Foster


Derek Halpern and Ruth Noel
Ruth Noel & Derek Halpern, founder of SocialTriggers.com


Ruth Noel & Eric Thomas, International Motivational Speaker
Ruth Noel & Eric Thomas, International Motivational Speaker


Richelle Shaw and Ruth Noel
Ruth Noel and Richelle Shaw, author of The Million Dollar Equation


Ruth Noel & Michael Graham, Author of Cold to Gold
Ruth Noel & Michael Graham, author of Cold to Gold


Ruth Noel, Daniel Jaime and Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant at Les Brown Live
Ruth Noel, Daniel Jaime and Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant at Les Brown Live


Ruth Noel & Simone Vincenzi International Tedx Speaker
Ruth Noel & Simone Vincenzi International Tedx Speaker


Ruth Noel & George Johnston, Co-Founder of IncuBus
Ruth Noel & George Johnston, Co-Founder of IncuBus


Ruth Noel & Daniel Priestly, author of Key Person of Influence
Ruth Noel & Daniel Priestly, author of Key Person of Influence


Ruth Noel & Mark Wickersham, author of Effective Pricing for Accountants
Ruth Noel & Mark Wickersham, author of Effective Pricing for Accountants


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