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The Cost To Work With Tax Twerk

What do you need? We have done for you services and one-off services. Both are set up on our Money Solve Model, we know if we do not have the right solution for you, we will not charge you at all. We are ready to customize our offering to get your company to take action and takeaway all income tax headaches.


Whatever your situation is you will find one of our Income Tax packages to suit your needs. It’s very simple; you select from a choice of three packages: Platinum, Gold and Basic.

Typically we have 2 structures to choose from

1. We work in using an automated system, where it is monthly membership and you get a dedicated virtual team who work on your accounts each month. In this scenario, we can fulfill many aspects of the bookkeeping and accounting for your company rather than just end of year tax returns. Whether it is VAT, monthly cash flow insights, trusted advice, tax work or setting up a modern & efficient process for getting rid of the paperwork we will assist in any way possible to ensure your business success.

2. We can work with our clients in pay per service method, where the one-off service and pricing is determined by the business size and complexity of the income tax return online and accounting tasks and what stage of your business you’re in currently.

We have our automated system where you get the best accounting software and we update your accounts online within five to seven working days every month automatically. And our done for you tax service where we prepare and submit all the income tax returns and limited company tax returns that wastes your sales and time to grow your revenue. Both produce high efficiency rates and unparalleled time saving results. There is a great deal of difference between what our competitor delivers and what we deliver. Once you see exactly what that is, you will see that we present you with offer more value and more benefits.

There are no setup fees and we always work an fixed fee basis based on payment plans that are affordable to you.

Once again, the goal is coming up with a calculation for you that makes your cost to hire Tax Twerk minuscule compared to the money you will save from our efforts.

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