35 Perfect Gifts For the Men in Your Life

Chances are there are a few special men in your life who deserve a little something extra this holiday season, yet shopping for them can often be a challenge. Even the ones you know the best can still surprise you with their particular likes and dislikes. Whether they love technology, sports, camping, or pop culture,…

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Human trounces AI bots at StarCraft video game

Computers may be able to beat humans at Chess and Go but they are a poor second when it comes to video game StarCraft. One of the world’s best human players trounced AI-controlled opponents 4-0 in a StarCraft tournament this week. Social media giant Facebook was behind one of the robotic opponents that took on…

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Google is best place for work

Google is best place for employees and students.

How to do business with China

Surely everybody is thinking about how to find a good Chinese supplier.In order to be able to find the right one, we need to run for the exhibition?Must go to visit China?In addition to the use of the Internet and other good way to find good suppliers?The answer is as follows.

What is Google Fred and How Will it Affect your Website?

What is Google Fred? We Explain the New Google Algorithm. The update targets advert heavy, low value content sites. Here’s how to ensure you’re not hit.

Social Media for Business – How to Get the Most Out of It.

Social Media for Business. How to get the most out of it for your business. Benefits include, increased Search Engine Ranking and lower marketing spend.

Best Mobile App Testing Practices-2017 and Beyond

Thousands of new apps being launched in the marketplace creates extreme pressure on QA specialists with the developers to launch the perfect enterprise and consumer apps

tax preparation services London, UK

Tax Preparation Software – Calculate Your Tax

Tax Preparation Software – How to Calculate Your Tax The availability of tax preparation software program nowadays does more than enable you the possibility of calculating your annual revenue tax and also transferring in your calculated return. Today, the tax preparation software application appraises attributes that make tax preparation simple. Using these functions allows you…

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Property Tax Ruth Noel

How to Invest in PROPERTY Without Buying a House…

Property Investment – Tips in 5 Minutes FREE GIFTS FOR YOU 1) Get a Free 30 Day Trial on Xero: 2) Get FREE access to my E-BOOK + 3 COACHING VIDEOS:   BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: Call: 0330 321 1136. Visit: Learn more from the top Amazon book, How to Make Your Tax Sexy.…

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Delicious dining deals… Three Months for £1 Trial!

Introducing Gourmet Society My partner & I love to eat out and have some relaxation time after a long month! Especially gourmet restaurants and food we haven’t tried before!  So I’m very excited to introduce Gourmet Society to you and they are giving a special offer to my Tax Twerkers!  Treat yourself after a long week……

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