Director’s Personally Paid Receipts – Spreadsheet


Are you a director of a limited company?

Sometimes there are expenses that don’t go through the business bank account and it can get confusing and time-consuming.

Buy this spreadsheet now if you want to keep your personally paid expenses organised.

Plus claim back your cash payments. Super easy and super fast.

Use this same spreadsheet template over & over again when you download it.

You can also use this to list the purchases that you paid for personally prior to setting up your company if you’re a start up. Or if you received money into your personal account that needs to be recorded for your limited company.

How do you transfer business related payments from your personal account to your limited company? We will add this to the limited company accounts for you using this spreadsheet.

Fill in the attached Excel spreadsheet with details of payments that went out of your personal bank account and send it to We’ll do the rest for you.


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