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Join me at the Jacuzzi, come and chat and tell me more about you in the comments! It was Friday chill time and I had a short tax reminder to share with my peeps… It was quite steamy and the internet connection at the jacuzzi was a little shaky, but hope you enjoy!


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Ruth Noel consults and advises entrepreneurs, small business owners & startups on tax and business strategy. Ruth is the author of How to Make Your Tax Sexy’, with over 100 published blog articles to help with money, tax and business growth. She is also the founder of,

Posted on June 21, 2017 in Tax & Money

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Hello, my name's Ruth & I was born in London. I'm the author of the book 'How to Make Your Tax Sexy' and the founder of Find the BEST solution for your income tax problems here: Click Here to Get in Touch

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