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How to Do the Income Tax Return Form for Self Employed Individuals

Being self-employed is considered an easy way to start a business, in which both ownership and control of the company fall into one person. The first thing you should do is tell the HM Revenue & Customs that you are starting a new business. This must be done within six months of the end of…

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How to Start and Register as a Freelance IT Contractor

If you are about to take the bold steps to start your own freelance work as an IT Contractor, or consultant, read the important information below. Also, if you are employed and you are freelancing as your side hustle you will also find the information here very valuable…. Get Your Employer to Fund the First…

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How to Pitch Your Business for Self Employed Freelancers!

Press play above. Then hit the thumbs up! How to Pitch Your Business for Self Employed Freelancers, for start-ups and established business owners. Join me on the monthly networking and business training webinar! Get your FREE ticket here now:… If you’ve got any questions, call us on 0330 321 1136. Or you can chat…

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Important IR35 changes for IT contractors!

There have been changes to IR35 in April 2017. I cover the main change in this video that will affect self-employed contractors. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. In the public sector the public bodies will now start to report the contractors that they are working with. Even if you…

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How To Get 10,000 Air Miles from Virgin!

Check out my latest video with tips on how to Get 10,000 Air Miles from Virgin, my personal experience and the pros and cons of credit cards. Speak soon! -Ruth P.S. Click here for full details on the offer from Virgin Atlantic

You Deserve to Live the Laptop Lifestyle.

Click here to get a Free Quote for your digital tax return More and more people are finding freedom through working on their laptop. What I mean by that is – over the last few years a fast growing number of entrepreneurs are creating business opportunities by working online or running their business using online resources.…

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How I Started & Why (Let’s Talk)

Hi, my name’s Ruth and I’m the founder of Tax Twerk. I would LOVE to invite you to join me a this journey as I build my company from the ground up. Here’s a little bit about me… Keep It 100! My personal pledge is, ‘Keep it 100!’. This means keeping it real, keeping it…

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What I found out from my doctor today…

Click here to get a Free Quote for your digital tax return I had some serious news from my doctor. I gave birth to my baby girl in September 2013, and a few months later it was her last routine check. I entered my local surgery in Luton and braced myself for the usual long…

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Why I’ll Double My Donation to Unseen Every Year

One of the slogans we use as online accountants is Unblock Your Freedom™. We use this in the context of assisting our clients with the finances in their business and creating opportunities for them to create the lifestyle and achieve the dreams they are aiming for. But for us there is much more to Freedom…

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4 Steps to Make Sure Your Dream Comes True

In some way shape or form I’ll find a way to tie in how you can use a personal accountant or coaching on proper bookkeeping to help you, yet NOW is not that time … Most of us are entrepreneurs. Business people. And our ultimate goal is to breakthrough obstacles and live out our DREAMS!…

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