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Who is This Service For?

✔ Typically our clients cut their tax bill in half in as little as 5 days and avoid losing money before it’s too late.

✔ We specialise in digital tax returns for self-employed, consultants, freelancers, and independent digital entrepreneurs

✔ We at Tax Twerk believe the client is the VIP. Our clients are busy and hate doing tax returns. Is this you?

Income Tax Return | Accounting System For Digital Businesses and Creatives

Why Choose Tax Twerk For Your Business?

☛ We find the BEST solution for you and introduce you to the right accountant. We are the only digital tax return service who offer personal consulting and give you support throughout the whole year.

☛ The Tax Twerk team has many years experience in managing professional tax return services and delivering tax refunds for individuals.

☛ It’s a service that combines the best. It combines the best of massive action, it combines the technology, and it combines the personal touch.

☛ Are you a one-man band wanting an economical and impactful solution to dramatically increase your tax savings, cash flow and time freedom?

☛ Run a digital business and hate paying penalties to HMRC? Want to eliminate tax headaches for good with a proven method?

☛ Based on Ruth’s vision our mission is very simple; to be part of a movement that helps more people gain financial freedom.

Our Pledge

You Can Chillax – You never have to apologise for being busy. You can travel, focus on the fun stuff & getting sales

Here to Help – We’re not here to intimidate you, like other accountants, we support you every step of the way and empower you to make the best decisions

Perfect Fit – If you love working online we’re the right company for you

Ethical Hustlers – We aim to save to you as much tax, time and money possible within the legal framework, and while helping others around the world

Let’s Get Twerking! – We don’t believe in waiting. Take action to immediately improve your cash flow and income tax situation


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Whatever your situation is you will find one of our Income Tax packages to suit your needs.

It’s very simple; you select from a choice of three packages: Platinum, Gold and Basic.

Advantages of Using This Service To Take Away the Hassle

1. We charge for the care, security, speed and reliability to support you and the checks to reduce your tax bill as much as legally possible

2. Avoid penalties on late submissions and save yourself an average of £3,000 on fines

3. No more nightmares or sleepless nights about tax returns

4.Proactive advice and step-­by-­step guidance for all clients

5. Become part of a bigger movement. It’s not just about tax, it’s about your lifestyle & wealth

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To make your cash flow easy we have an easy monthly payment plan.

This means our clients will have no worry about tax, no big bills at the end of the year, and they are taking advantage of this before it’s too late.


Call us on +44(0)3303211136 or email info@taxtwerk.com to get a fixed quote


● We are respectful always

● We are positive always

● We are fun-loving

●We know sexy is good

● We serve the clients

● We are warriors

● We are consistent

● We are committed

● We believe in authenticity

● We believe in long-term wealth

● We are transparent and ethical

● We keep things simple and fast

● We know music is good and so is creativity

● We take action now, and when no one asks

● We believe in guidelines and processes

Make Your Tax Sexy

As Jay-Z’s accountant says, ‘Tax is just a sign of your good fortune and success’.

Ignite your Tax Savings in the Shortest Time

I wanted to make a tax system that feels super fast, fun and actually helps people make more money. So I found professionals who also work from home and love technology as much as me.

They helped me create a specialised service, delivered by a hand picked skilled team. We include secret tricks on how to use the internet to save money, without giving up the need to get more sales! No giving up your time required.

If you or your company does not keep tax records the right way, you could be charged a penalty of £3,000 or more.

My clients think this a big waste of money. So they come to me when they want to keep their hard earned income in their bank accounts instead.

Click the button to get a free quote, no obligation and our team will call you back in 24 hours to come up with the best solutions for you.

Welcome to the era of New Money, New Entrepreneurs and a New Lifestyle.

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